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Become a Solar Sales Representative or Assessor


Solar Sales Representatives typically deal in the sale of solar equipment and systems to companies, businesses and individuals, both commercial and domestic. As a Solar Salesperson, their job is to contact current or potential customers of the company and understand their solar energy requirements. they are also required to have a technical knowledge of different solar products, energy systems and requirements so that they can persuasively articulate their benefits to potential customers.

How do I become a Solar Sales Representative or Assessor

The basic requirements for a career as a Solar Salesperson are skills and qualifications in sales, marketing, solar energy or a related field.

Sample Roles

Energy consultant
An Energy Consultant is someone who helps a company understand its energy consumption and then devises strategies which would reduce energy costs. Such a consultant may advise the company on solar and alternative-energy products and services.
Commercial sales manager
A Commercial Sales Manager is someone who handles commercial sales of a company. In doing so, they are responsible for growing company sales, hiring the right sales personnel and charting effective sales strategies.


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