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Steps to Become one of our Online Instructor.                       Become an On-Site Instructor

  • Visit our Courses Pages and see Course(s) you can teach
  • Copy the Course(s) of your choice or take note
  • Click here to fill our Online Form
  • Enter or Copy & Paste your previous chosen Course
  • Fill out the remaining fields in the form and submit.
  • When your form is successfully submitted, Click “Online Tutors: Get Started” at the footer of the page.
  • Enter your Details to signup as Instructor, checked the box “Register as Instructor”, enter your Degree and Expertise details, then Click “Register” button to register.
  • After signup is completed, check your email inbox/spam message for the Activation message. Click the link send to you to active your signup/registration (if the link send to your email for activation is not clickable, you can copy and paste on your browser).
  • After signup activation is completed, you can login to start uploading your Course contents (Text, Videos, Doc & PDF, etc), if you don’t see the upload Courses Interface, it will be available within 24hours, if not, kindly contact the Admin (Contact Us here).
  • After you have successfully added yours Course Contents, the Admin will vet your Uploaded Course Contents, and it’s satisfied, it will be approved.
  • Note: Your course details must follow the Summary of the details expected to be taught in the course as directed by the Site Admin. Once your course submission has been vetted and approved , It will become live on our site .


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