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In this course Candidates should know all the components that are needed in setting up Domestic Solar Installation namely: Roof Top Grid-tied, Roof Top Off Grid (stand-alone) and Roof Top Hybrid System
Candidates should be able to understand the products or components that enable a solar energy system to function properly and understand what makes up a photovoltaic array and how those components work together to enable electrical generation in a domestic solar installation. They should understand that there are many types of Installation Packages namely: Roof-Top (which can be Domestic or Commercial), Ground built, Pole built, Distributed Energy System, Solar Farm etc,

It is important to remember that each system is unique in its size and structure, and therefore know that application of a photovoltaic array will differ from another one system to another.

Learning objectives

  •  Know the type and functionality of the three types of Roof Solar System Installation Packages (Roof Top Grid-tied, Roof Top Off Grid (stand-alone) and Roof Top Hybrid System)
  • Know how each of these Solar Energy System is set up and how it works and under which situation these can be set up.
  •  Understanding the products or components that is necessary to set up each of these systems to enable them to function properly.
  • Know how these components work together to enable electrical generation for the energy needs in the system.

Solar Energy System is a renewable energy generating system that collects photovoltaic energy from the sun and converts it into usable electricity. Often found as roof-top PV arrays, these systems can range in size and are able to power different types of properties.

Photovoltaic systems can be used in multiple applications: standard arrays such as roof-top or ground mount serve to generate energy for a residence or building, while other non-traditional systems can be utilized to power other objects or function (such as space satellites, vehicles or even handheld calculators).  Although there are many types of Solar Installation Packages, ranging from Roof Top systems, Commercial System, Distributed Solar Energy Systems, Utility Solar Farm, Building Integrated Photovoltaic, Carport to Solar Street Light, This course will mainly focus on the Domestic Installation Package.

Each solar power systems consist of a core set of components – (Solar PanelsInvertersDC/AC DisconnectsMetersWiringRacking and Mounting and many other components depending on the type of Installation Package), Some are for grid-tied while other are for Standalone and some work for hybrid system. Many of these systems require additional components added to the core set to function – (Charge ControllersBatteries, Additional Balance of Systems items and more).

This course will walk you through these different Domestic Solar Installation Packages and the component that make each unique to its type.

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