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The course is designed to help candidate understand the Challenges that may be associated with different Installation Packages and learn how to avoid/mitigate them.


  • Short Introduction to Different Solar Installation Packages
  • Evaluate the specific work situation for Different Solar Installation Installation Packages
  • Evaluate and identify potential safety hazards and injuries associated with different Solar Installation Packages.
  • Have a general jobsite safe practice
  • Develop a company policy personal protective equipment policy.
  • Develop procedures for Working with Different Installation Packages
  • Develop procedures for using power tools and extension cords
  • Identify  and Develop a Company wide policy toward Safety Signs,
  • Develop a Company Risk Assessment Policy,


Solar Energy System is a renewable energy generating system that collects photovoltaic energy from the sun and converts it into usable electricity. Often found as roof-top PV arrays, these systems can range in size and are able to power different types of properties – such as residential, commercial, and utility-scale zones.

There  are many types of Installation Packages, ranging from Roof Top systems, Commercial System, Distributed Solar Energy Systems, Utility Solar Farm , Building Integrated Photovoltaic, Carport  to Solar Street Light.

Photovoltaic systems can be used in multiple applications: standard arrays such as roof-top or ground mount serve to generate energy for a residence or building, while other non-traditional systems can be utilized to power other objects or function (such as space satellites, hand-held calculators or vehicles).

The course is designed to help candidate understand the Challenges that may be associated with each of these different Installation Packages and teach you how to avoid/mitigate them.






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