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This course will focus on other Solar Energy Installation Packages apart from Domestic Roof Top ones. These other types of Solar Installations Packages include Ground built, Commercial Installation, Solar Street Lights, Distributed Energy System, Building Integrated Photovoltaic Systems, Car Ports Solar Farm etc.

Highlights will be made of the products or components that enable each of these Solar energy systems function properly and be fit for its purpose.

It is important to remember that each system is unique in its size and structure and function, it is therefore important to know that application of a photovoltaic array will differ from one system to another system. Procurement of the right components should be a must for all Solar Installers. Method to do this correctly will be taught in this course.

Learning objectives

  • Know the core set of components upon which each solar power systems are built – (Solar PanelsInvertersDC/AC DisconnectsMetersWiringRacking and Mounting and many other components depending on the type of Installation Package
  • Know other types of Solar Energy System Packages by type and functionality.
  • Know how each of these Solar Energy System is set up and how it works and under which situation these can be set up and used.
  • Understand the products or components that are necessary to set up each of these systems to enable them to function properly, and how these components work together to enable electrical generation for the energy needs in the system and in particular they service they are meant to cater for.
  • Understand the process of procuring the best components from best manufacturer for a project.
  • Know the National Electrical Standards and Regulations that guides the Installation of each of the Packages and the Permits that must be obtained before an Installer can embark on building them.
  • Understanding the process of getting a fully built Installation Inspected before Commissioning.




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