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Zenith Guild Solar Professional Training Unit aims to train top notched Solar Engineers and Technicians all across African continent,  who will take up the mantle of providing the most basic need across this region -Electricity.

This training Unit will work alongside the company’s Installation Unit BrightStar Solar Installation to achieve this aim.

At BrightStar we recognize the benefits of an improved infrastructure in helping the countries in Africa tap into their vast natural resources. The ability to tap into these will help support the economic growth of this region of the world as well as help people to live and work comfortably in the region.

Our Company focuses on building solar projects across Nigeria and other countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

We aim to provide electricity, generated from the Solar Energy System to the National Grid, local government areas, industries, hospitals, universities, homes and other regions, including inter-lands and rural areas.
Our goal is to execute projects, both on large and small scale. These will include:

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