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Basic/Start Level

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Pitched towards Roof Installers and those who have the ability to used tools effectively whether acquire or otherwise. Please click here to see the courses in this series (PV BAS 100 course series)


Medium Level

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Those who go through these courses will be able to handle both the Installation and the Electrical set up of whole Solar PV Energy Systems. They will also acquire the ability to monitor, maintain the systems they install as well as carry out fault finding and repair any fault in any defective system they have installed or are asked to take care of. Please click here to find out more about our PV Green Installer 200 level course series (PV. MED 200 series).

For Qualified Electrician
For Non Electricians
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Top/Expert Level

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These will permit those who go through the corridors of these courses to become Top Level Expert Solar PV Project Managers and Solar PV Project Directors. Please click here for the courses under the PV EXP 300 level series.

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