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A Solar PV Course: Short Introduction to Solar Roof Installation

(FREE Onsite Course for our would be Solar Engineers)

✳️This Free Taster Training Course is available  free, but to get spaces reserved for them, interested candidates will have to pay N5,000 for their registration forms/Collection of Attendance Certificate. It is an Introductory Course to our other Solar Training Packages.✳️

Maximum Seat Capacity is 12 per Session.

First Come, First Serve! 

This will include:

  • Short Introduction to Practical Roof Work Instruction
  • Short Introduction to Practical Health and Safety and Instruction
  • Short Introduction to Practical Installation Lessons

This course represents an excellent opportunity to enter into your Training as a Solar Energy System Installer.

You will gain an invaluable knowledge that you need to work with a qualified electrician when building Roof Top Solar Installation System. This allows you get the installation spot on whilst the electrician focuses on getting the wiring installed. It is important to note that you will not be able to install solar panels without an electrically competent person present after training as a Solar Roof or Ground Installer.

Our Roofers Solar PV course will give you the skills and the knowledge to identify and fit solar panels on commercial or domestic roofs.

Entry Requirements

Ability to work at Height is a bonus for this course. Candidates who cannot presently work at heights should gain this ability during the course of this program.

On this course you will gain some basic theory on how Solar Energy Systems work, and also get practical experience of working with real solar panels and fitting them to roof using the equipment associated with the Solar PV Industry (such as Scaffolds etc).

NB: The entire solar installation will fall under the Green Installer/Industrial Trained Installer Course; therefore, the entire installation will need to be supervised and commissioned by an experienced Green Installer who must also be a Trained and Experienced Electrician who must have also worked in the Solar   field for a long time.


✳️This Training is available  free, but to get spaces reserved for them, interested candidates will have to pay N5,000 for their registration forms and collection of attendance certificate✳️

Additional information


Wednesday 25th October 2023, Wednesday 1st November 2023, Wednesday 15th November 2023, Wednesday 29th November 2023, Wednesday 6th December 2023, Wednesday 20th December 2023, Wednesday 3rd January 2024, Wednesday 17th January 2024, Wednesday 31st January 2024, Wednesday 7th February 2024, Wednesday 21st February 2024


Qualified Electrician, About to Qualify Electrician, Electrical Engineer, Other Profession

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