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Goal for this course

This course is a good progression to PV BAS 100. Especially if you want to take your knowledge and career in Solar Energy System installation to the next level in future.  Here you will gain some basic theory on why and how Solar Panels can be installed on the ground. You get practical experience of working with real solar panels and Solar Street Light and fitting them on ground.


 Course Details


Learning objectives


  • Short Introduction to where and why installing Solar Energy Systems can use on ground and on streets.
  • Practical groundwork Instruction with the associated safety instruction.
  • Practical Solar Panels ground Installation Lessons


Short Description

This course represents an excellent opportunity for those who may want to work on large installations like Solar Farm for the Utility Scale and on Installation of Solar Street Light for towns and villages that are remote to National Grid of their country.

Your knowledge of ground installation will be invaluable when working with Large Solar Projects and their Projects Managers. This will allow you get the installation spot on whilst the electricians and Project Managers focus on the other details of the Project.




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No Prerequisite, No Prior Knowledge


24th – 25th Oct. 2022, 27th – 28th Oct. 2022

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