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Solar Energy Systems are built to last for many years (at least twenty-five years). For a system like this to last for these many years, great consideration and effort must be put towards its maintenance. And there cannot be effective maintenance without adequate monitoring.
Along the way there will be need to repair or exchange some of its old components which may have passed their Sell-by Date, hence comes in the necessity to know how to carry out effective Trouble Shooting.

Effective maintenance of solar PV systems is best performed by skilled installers or service specialists who are familiar with various Solar components of Solar Energy Systems and Safety measures. Usually, these are Solar Service companies who can handle the whole spectrum of Solar PV maintenance and repairs.

The main goal of this is to help Installers and Would Installers learn how carryout effective monitoring, maintenance, troubleshooting and repair of any system/s under their watch. We shall use shall two different Systems: A Grid Tied Roof Top and a Distributed Energy System as Study cases in this course.


Using Roof Top and Distributed Energy Systems as examples, candidates should

  •  know how effective monitoring of Solar PV systems can be carried out.
  • Know the various maintenance options necessary for adequate functioning of these systems
  • Be able to carry out effective Trouble shooting on a Solar PV system
  •  Carry out repairs on Solar PV whenever necessary.





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