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Become a Solar Sales Representative or Assessor

Also Available As an On-Site Course



Solar Sales Representatives typically deal in the sale of solar equipment and systems to companies, businesses and individuals, both commercial and domestic.

This course will teach you how to become  a competent  Solar Salesperson, You will be able  to understand your  Company potential customers’ solar energy requirements. You will also gain an understanding  to the  technical knowledge of different energy systems and requirements. You  learn about various solar products so that you  can persuasively articulate their benefits to your potential customers.

Learning Objectives

This course will give the following competences

1. Energy consultant Competence

You will learn how to become an Energy Consultant to your potential customers. As an Energy Consultant, you will help your  understand its energy consumption and then devises strategies which would reduce energy costs. This may require you to advise the customer on solar energy system and alternative-energy products and services.

2. You will become a Commercial Solar Sales Representative

You will be able to handles commercial sales of a company and therefore be responsible for growing company sales,

3. You will learn to work in a team with  other sales personnel in charting effective sales strategies.



The basic requirements for a career as a Solar Salesperson are skills and qualifications in sales, marketing (if possible), solar energy or a related field.









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